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Alumni boost LinkedIn skills in new ‘Alumni Learn & Network Series’

Posted: 16 August 2023

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Australia Awards – Nepal launched its new ‘Alumni Learn & Network Series’ on 4 August 2023.

The initiative supports alumni to quickly pick up modular contemporary workplace skills and maintain or build networks with other alumni. The 45-minute training sessions are delivered by subject-matter experts. These professional development opportunities provide tangible learnings alumni can immediately apply in their careers.

Twenty Australia Awards alumni attended the first session on ‘using LinkedIn effectively,’ which was conducted online by Kathmandu-based talent acquisition and recruitment expert, Samir Shrestha.

Trainer Samir Shrestha offered the series’ first session on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

The training included topics such as reasons to use LinkedIn, creating an effective profile, building and engaging with networks, using LinkedIn groups, and finding work through LinkedIn. Alumni also learnt to use a first-person narrative in building a LinkedIn profile and how to generate a standout headline. They gained knowledge on how to make effective connections on LinkedIn and use the internet browser extensions to streamline linkages. Alumni also learnt how to use ‘Creator Mode’ to broaden their reach and influence to gain more followers.

Following the session, alum Niva Shrestha (Master of Applied Finance, Monash University), Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, said, “I had been a passive user of LinkedIn but after attending this session, I learnt the uses of LinkedIn beyond job searching and networking. I will be applying this learning to effectively use LinkedIn.”

Alum Mahesh Neupane (Master of Engineering Science, The University of New South Wales), Undersecretary/Senior Divisional Engineer at the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management, shared, “I frequently use LinkedIn. Therefore, I’ve always been curious about how to utilise it to its full potential. Previously, I had even sought the assistance of Google to grasp what a “headline” is and how it is edited. My biggest takeaway from the training is that I need to start posting articles on LinkedIn, as over time, it will help me become more well-known, gain more followers, and position myself as a leader on the brand or idea that I sell.”

Australia Awards alumni Mahesh Neupane (left) and Niva Shrestha (right) participating in the session.

The Australia Awards – Nepal program plans to arrange additional events in the series over the next several months on topics such as strategic decision making, emotional intelligence and CV and cover-letter writing.

Trainer Samir Shrestha explaining how to build LinkedIn effectively during the training session.