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Alumnus pioneers with climate change conference in Nepal

Posted: 28 May 2018

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Australia Awards alumnus, Mahesh Neupane, took a lead in coordinating Nepal’s first¬†International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change (WECC): Knowledge Sharing and Partnership¬†(the 2018 WECC Conference) recently in Kathmandu.

Covering issues pertaining to the water, environment and climate change sector of Nepal, the pioneering event brought together over 700 participants from 17 different countries. High-profile delegates included Dr. Han Seung Soo, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, and Dr. Hak Soo Lee, President of the Asia Water Council.

Mahesh Neupane coordinates pioneering conference for Nepal

The Conference, which took place from 10 – 12 April, showcased exemplary work in the water, environment and climate change sector executed across the world. A total of 120 papers and 32 posters were presented at the Conference that stimulated discussion on securing sustainable development for the WECC sector.

When asked how he coordinated such an event, Mahesh said,

“My effective communication skills, which I improved a lot during my two years’ study in Australia, primarily helped me in hosting the 2018 WECC Conference successfully.”

An innovative mobile app was used at the Conference, an idea implemented by Mahesh. “While studying under the Australia Awards program, I had an opportunity to use a mobile app for the 2017 Research for Development Impact (RDI) conference in Sydney” he said, “I thought this was an effective approach and wanted to do something similar for the 2018 WECC Conference here in Kathmandu”.

In 2015, Mahesh received an Australia Awards Scholarship to pursue a Master of Engineering Science with a focus on water resource management at the University of New South Wales. He now works for the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage with the Government of Nepal.

Australia Awards alumni in Nepal are among the frontline opinion-makers on issues requiring national and international attention. By using the knowledge and skills that they have gained through Australia Awards, alumni have been contributing towards Nepal’s development agenda by offering constructive ideas and scholarly engagement in forums ranging from policy dialogue to international conferences.

Mahesh Neupane

Mahesh added, “Events like the 2018 WECC Conference contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by sharing knowledge, transferring technology and building partnerships at national and international levels to solve global issues on water and sanitation, under the changing climate, while preserving the environment in a sustainable way”.

Australia Awards are prestigious international Scholarships, Fellowships and Short Courses funded by the Australian Government. Australia Awards aims to equip scholars with the right skills, knowledge and networks to address development challenges and contribute to sustainable development in their nations.