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Your Australia Awards experience will open up new connections with Australia. Stay connected with your newly established networks and continue to seek opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge. When you join the Australia Global Alumni network, you will connect with thousands of other influential graduates from Australia around the world.

Australia Awards offers professional development and networking opportunities to keep you up to date with developments in your field. The Australia Global Alumni network helps keep you connected. As part of the alumni community, you’ll be kept in the loop on exciting news and graduate stories. You’ll also receive invitations to exclusive events.

You will also be eligible to join the Association of Nepalese Alumni from Australia.

Australia Awards alumni are always doing amazing things. Would you like to share your story? Please contact us.

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Dr. Laxmi Tamang: Nepal

Brought up in a semi-urban area near Dharan of Eastern Nepal, Dr. Tamang had a dream of being a nurse. She was determined, hardworking and passionate about...

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Australia Awards alumni are part of the influential Australia Global Alumni network of leaders and advocates for change within your country, the region and the world.

Give yourself an advantage

With a world-class Australian education, you are in a unique position to be part of solving some of the challenges affecting Nepal and the South Asia region.

Association of Nepalese Alumni from Australia

The Association of Nepalese Alumni from Australia is a non-government, non-political and non-profit organisation of professionals who have graduated from various universities or education institutions of Australia. The Association aims to establish long-term relationships between people, organisations and associations for the benefit of its members. It also focuses on using the knowledge, skills and expertise of alumni to contribute to the development of different sectors in Nepal.

Mr Sudarshan Neupane

Mr Sudarshan Neupane received an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2013

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