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Rajuna Singh: Passion to make a difference for special education in Nepal through technology

Posted: 23 April 2019

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Australia Global Alumni

Australia Awards alumna Rajuna Singh is passionate about using technology to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Nepal. She says what she learnt in Australia regarding technologies and mechanisms to help people with disability can truly change their lives.

Rajuna completed a Master of Education at Flinders University in 2018, with a focus on Special Education. Before commencing studies in Australia, Rajuna was a computer teacher within a special education program in Nepal.

‘Being a part of Australia Awards is a life-changing opportunity for me. The things I never expected in my life I experienced through Australia Awards. I never thought I would study at Flinders University.

It was like a dream for me to come to Australia and Australia Awards made it possible’ says Rajuna.

She says that the support she received from Australia Awards has been tremendous both in terms of her education and personal support.

‘I learnt about new technologies that support people with disability, and it was amazing. Many people with disability depend on other people. In Australia, I learnt how technological support can make them independent. I experienced more freedom because of the excellent infrastructure in Australia. For instance, I got an electric wheelchair from Australia Awards, so this gave me freedom.’

Rajuna Singh with her husband Shyam Narayan Shrestha, who has always been supportive of her accomplishments

Rajuna is confident that the linkages she established through Australia Awards will help her acquire new information on special education.

‘When I arrived in Australia, I saw people from different countries, different cultures working together. It’s truly amazing to see such people co-existing in peace and harmony’.

She believes that her connections with Flinders University lecturers, Australia Awards alumni and other students from her home country studying abroad will assist her in conducting research on special education in Nepal.

Now that she’s back home, Rajuna believes she can make a significant difference in society through her passion for working with assistive technology for individuals with multiple disabilities. She considers her life a testimony to how education and technology can enhance the ability of individuals with disabilities.

Watch Rajuna speak about her Australia Awards experience