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Nepali chefs learn Australian culinary classics

Posted: 15 October 2021

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Twenty-three Nepali chefs recently participated in an Australian Bakery Masterclass conducted by renowned Australian chef Audra Morrice, current host of MasterChef Singapore. The chefs who took part learnt how to make two traditional Australian bakery items: lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. Supported by Australia Awards, the two-day training was delivered virtually from Sydney on 6 and 8 September 2021.

Opening the event, James Hazell, Chargé d’Affaires at the Australian Embassy in Nepal, said, “By learning about each other’s cuisine and culinary skills, this is one way we better understand the world and the diversity within. Food tells us a story and shares a history.”

The Nepali chefs joined the training from their respective workplaces and closely followed on-screen instructions provided by Chef Morrice. On the first training day, the aspiring chefs learnt to create traditional Australian lamingtons and Anzac biscuits. The fast-paced, hands-on training featuring real-time production, concluded with the chefs plating and displaying their mouth-watering creations.

Renowned Australian chef Audra Morrice, current host of MasterChef Singapore

For the second day, Chef Morrice asked the participating chefs to come prepared with add-on ingredients to re-make lamingtons and Anzac biscuits but this time with a local twist. The chefs showed their creative flair with supplementary ingredients ranging from carrots and beetroots to molasses and betel nut extract. Chef Morrice guided and supervised the incorporation of these flavours into the recipes. At the end of day two, the chefs again plated and displayed their multicultural culinary creations.

The masterclass diversified participants’ skills and techniques to promote new bakery items with Australian origins in the Nepali market. It also introduced new culinary techniques and fostered awareness of Australia’s culinary heritage. Several chefs mentioned that they will consider adding lamingtons and Anzac biscuits to their hotel menus as a result of the training.

Local partner, Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education (GATE) College Kathmandu, managed and facilitated the procurement and delivery of ingredients to the 23 participants. Three chefs from GATE College participated in the masterclass alongside 18 hotel chefs and two Australian Embassy chefs. The participants were all eager and skilled representatives of Nepal’s hospitality sector.

The masterclass was delivered as an Australian Professional Opportunity, a recent addition to the Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia Program. Australian Professional Opportunities are short-term, flexible learning and development activities funded by the Australian Government. In Nepal, they support Australia’s Nepal COVID-19 Development Response Plan, which aims to contribute to Nepal’s health security, stability and economic recovery through development and humanitarian programs.

A selection of images from the Australian Bakery Masterclass can be seen in the gallery below.